Thursday, August 30, 2007

Characters on the Bus

This week I've been mostly takingthe Big Blue Bus to work. There are some odd people taking the bus. Like today a guy with a suitcase and a sony walkman asked me for money cause he was hungry and its not the 1st of the month yet. I didn't give him any, I was scrounging for 10 cents myself. Anyway he asks me about Hewlett Packard printers, he needed one and was looking at one for $350 bucks. I told them they did the job. Hey wow, people pay me good money for that kind of advice and he got it for free. He wanted the printer to print out some legal stuff because he had an appeal that was going to the state or federal supreme court, or both. He did kinda look like a skinny Justice Clarence Thomas with Oakleys on.

>On 2007-08-31,02:28:39 Blaise wrote:

>>On the way home, this girl was chatting endlessly on her cell phone. The weird thing was she was speaking in Chinglish, but the Chinese part was in the dialect of my family. It was Fukienese, or Hokkien. I guess, I have just never really heard anyone younger than 30 speak it. Usually its my aunts, Taiwanese grandmother and old school chinese dudes like my doctor that speak it. There was too much English in her Chinglish though, but it wasn't Filipino English so it must have been from another English speaking asian country like Singapore or maybe Hong Kong. I didn't get to find out for sure, she never got off the phone.

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