Saturday, September 1, 2007

24 hour Koreatown

The nurses wanted to go out on Friday so we had a late dinner at BCD Tofu House in Koreatown. Its a 24 hour Korean BBQ restaurant so it has become popular with the night shift hospital people. Sure enough it wasn't long before a set of 3 filipina nurses in scrubs came in for Korean BBQ. The odd thing though was that their ages were set equally apart. They looked like a set of grandma nurse, mother nurse and daughter nurse coming in for their midshift break. Keep it in the family.

>On 2007-09-10,12:38:21 Kathryn wrote:

>>Mmmm! I love BCD tofu!

>On 2007-09-12,02:32:13 Blaise wrote:

>>So you've been there?! Usually I see a lot of Yong Dong Tofu. I think thats what its called.

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