Monday, April 30, 2007

Coach Howland

I was in the Ackerman restroom and I thought I passed someone who I thought was Ben Howland, I didn't get a good look, since I was focused on a bombing run for a no. 2, but the man did have a basketball embroidered on his polo shirt. Well after spashing one down on Lake Kohler I went to go get a hamburger and sure enough it was Coach Howland I'd spotted earlier. He wasn't screaming like in this pic though and was just discussing the NBA draft with some companions.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Chest Pop

We all crack our knuckles and it makes a somewhat satisfying pop right? Well last night I was sitting down and stretched out my arms and POP, I popped something right over my heart. Holy crap that was painful. It felt like someone drove a sledgehammer right into my sternum. I think I bent over for like a minute. I guess there's a lot of nerves right in that area. Well I better treat my heart well, and other people's too, its literally, physically sensitive. Its not the first time its happened though. I think my lung capacity has increased some so when I stretch and fill them out sometimes I get that punch to the breastbone from the inside when something bends a werid way. Anyway that's my laymans diagnosis.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chinese Heat

At the Chinese supermarket I saw this product for sale. So after examining the diagram, I conclude, this must be somekind of death by electrocution appliance. It looks like you plug one end into the wall socket then you put the other end into a container full of water. Make sure to be standing on a wet floor too? Well I guess you eitehr get a nice hot cup of tea, or cardiac arrest.

Safe eh?

In 1999, computers didn't turn themselves off. Gezz, we lived like animals.

Calling Cards

I like sifting through calling cards in restaurants in Arcadia because more often than not there will be someone I know, or use to know. Use to know is always fun because its always a suprise when so and so is now a real estate agent or dentist. This weekend I found Ray's card.

>On 2007-04-23,13:33:39 Ray wrote:

>>Mmm... custard creampuffs...

>On 2007-04-23,15:23:19 Blaise wrote:

>>I could use a lever operated chocolate custard filler in my kitchen.

>On 2007-06-12,06:47:51 daniel wrote:

>>hahaha busted!

Dear King Kong

Please send me a new chair. And a placemat.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Met up with Kathryn, Andrew and their beer brewing club at this place today, Stuffed Sanwich. 1145 Las Tunas, I never knew the place was there and I must drive down Las Tunas at least twice a week. They've got a couple hundred different beers to choose from so you must try it if you like beer. We also went to Delirium in Sierra Madre, again a place I've driven by countless times, its right by my dentist, but never actually noticed before.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Women's Sports

So all week I've been hearing all about this Don Imus guy. Who the hell is Don Imus? Well I finally looked it up and listened to offendng comments on YouTube. Well the Scarlet Knights are way rougher looking than the Lady Vols. Here's the team pages:
Lady Vols
Scarlet Knights

It did sound like he threw in the bit about the Lady Vol's being cute because he realized how terrible and charged his comment came out and the point he was trying to make was that women's b-ball is a butch ass sport. Now its kind of funny seeing Mr. Wife Cheater the Rev Jesse Jackson jump in on the side of decency and advocacy of women in sports. Where are the feminists? Maybe they like their women's basketball the way it is.

Besides the issue of labelling certain sports, obejectifying female athleltes kind of goes both ways too. It goes both ways, how to explain Anna Kornikova or volleyball, men's and women's.

Monday, April 9, 2007


18 years ago today I first set foot on American soil. It blows my mind that its been 18 years especially because its one of those days thats etched in my memory. I still remember the time on the digital clock, the car I rode in on the way from the airport. My cousin Warren speaking in English, the people on the streets. The hot weather, the stopover in Seoul, getting to the airport late, the ride to the airport, getting woken up and noting the house was strangely empty. My mind was probably busy absorbing everything but did I think 18 years later I'd be where I am now? My 9 year old self probably would have said I'd be a Voltron pilot and be married to smurfette and live in a dome. Makes me wonder where I'm gonna be at 3, 9, 27 years from now. It'd probably blow my mind if I found out. I'll be sure to blog about my incredulity when the time comes.

Passport photo

1988. Geez, what the hell happpened. Its kind of funny that my signature is basically unchanged. My Ks and Ts are less curly though.

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Attended Easter Mass, the church was very crowded and then we ate Thai food afterwards. We figured Thai was a good bet because they were likely to be Muslim, but then the menu had a lot of pork in it, so maybe I was wrong about that. It wasn't very crowded though so we had the right strategy going with avoiding the easter crowds.

Lent and Easter seemed to pass by almost without notice for me. When I was in Orlando I did go to a mass that was in Latin. The church conducted it the was that mass was done in our parents generation. I guess you could say the church went retro like a lot of things these days and brought it back. It was different, first I didn't understand a word of the mass, I had my nose in a booklet the whole time for the translation. It was mass though, so you pretty much knew what was going on anyway. The priest has his back to the worships most of the time and when you went up for communion you had to kneel down.

Got Pink eye

Got pink eye last week, these eye drops made it go away pretty fast.