Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Forcast looked great, I went to check out Sunset Beach at about noon before work, probably the best conditions I've seen there today. There was actually beach exposed instead of just rocks. So sad that I couldn't surf today, I think I've lost a lot of conditioning since the last time I went.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

100 dollar laptops

How do you stop kids from using their 100 dollar laptops to take advantage of internet pornography? Install handcrank.

>On 2005-11-23,18:53:16 stinkydurian wrote:

>>how does it work?

>On 2005-11-28,13:23:14 Blaise wrote:

>>Like any other laptop, but it has a crank like those wind up flashlights in case you run out of batteries.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

More of the Moon

This time shot through the telescope.

>On 2005-11-14,11:01:47 Blaise wrote:

>>Some more shots.
La Luna

>On 2005-11-14,11:42:26 Kathryn wrote:

>>very beautiful

>On 2005-11-15,15:28:22 Kathryn wrote:

>>Stop shooting the moon and come back to work!

>On 2005-11-16,11:28:01 Stinkydurian wrote:

>>soooo beautiful!!! i've always wanted a telescope... so tell me about your...

>On 2005-11-16,17:11:54 Blaise wrote:

>>You can come over and take a look at it, but as far as things in the sky I've only used it on the moon.

Friday, November 11, 2005


She got kinda hot (leggs). I've been watching too much TV.

>On 2005-11-12,12:33:49 sheila wrote:

>>is that nicole richie, what is wrong with her nose? and she use to be fat

>On 2005-11-13,20:16:13 Blaise wrote:

>>I guess she stopped eating. The nose is probably the bad screen capture.

>On 2005-11-28,01:59:57 lysette wrote:

>>i noticed the nose too. lol. but yeah, definately had to be the bad screen capture

Thursday, November 10, 2005


I bought this sock to keep my ipod in. Its great, it even works as a stand and holds all the accesories. The sock came in a three pack though, so I wore the other two pairs. Wow they are so comfortable, what was I doing wearing white cotton socks when I could have been wearing wool and microfibers. Its like I stopped living down here __ and started living up here ^^. Gees, next time I'll find out my Hanes tightie whities are not at the apex of underwear technology.

>On 2005-11-12,01:00:57 lysette wrote:

>>wait, why'd you use this to put your ipod in?

>On 2005-11-13,20:19:26 Blaise wrote:

>>Cause I spent all the mony on the ipod anh only had 1.50 left for a case. Also found out cutting it in half works even better.


I love this car, just enough room for my telescope and surfboard.

>On 2005-11-12,00:59:27 lysette wrote:

>>haha that's cool. but you need to take out your surfboard and put in your snowboard soon

>On 2005-11-13,20:22:19 Blaise wrote:

>>I think that might fit too.

>On 2005-11-14,11:41:21 Kathryn wrote:

>>I'm baaaack! When you aren't snowboarding or surfing, you should put curtains on the windows and make it a shack-mobile.

>On 2005-11-15,13:27:34 Blaise wrote:

>>Curtains would have come in handy for that one trip to the dam. I think supermarket shoppers were staring at me.

Monday, November 7, 2005

Carolina Panthers Cheerleade

Ok for mugshots may not be very flattering, but comeon the cheerleader on the right looks more like 39 than 26. Geez I guess living in the fast lane, or the handicap bathroom stall for that matter, takes a toll on the face.

>On 2005-11-08,11:27:51 Kathryn wrote:

>>Well, if you can't get with the football players, I guess you go for the next best thing, errrr,,, in the bathroom.

>On 2005-11-10,17:29:53 Blaise wrote:

>>Hey where have you been all week? I heard this on the radio while driving to work and got all excited. Boy was I disappointed when it hit yahoo news photos.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Pretty good debut by #1

The Rapin Lakers opening the season in Denver. Coincidence? I think not.