Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Wating Time

Reading "How Lightsabers Work" from howstuffworks.com. Why does the assailant have a Mexican towel? Is that standard rape accesory?

>On 2005-05-24,17:28:21 Blaise wrote:

>>Oops that should be wasting time. Also, note the shadow that the ligh saber casts.

For you Life Science Nerds

Adjustable Pipette

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Mammoth Again

Went to Mammoth again this weekend. Conditions were great. It was raining snowboarders and skiers. Here are the rest of th weekend's pictures:

Mammoth Pics

>On 2005-05-18,15:10:57 roycifer wrote:

>>thanks for the killer pix! heres a bunch from the weekend (theres a few of your crew in there): http://www.roycifer.com/photos/thumbnails.php?album=15

>On 2005-05-19,10:06:59 Blaise wrote:

>>Thanks, there's a great one of you in there.

>On 2005-05-19,12:43:43 sean wrote:

>>nice pics! what camera are you using? i especially like the ones of me on my ass! hotness!

>On 2005-05-19,12:50:30 sean wrote:

>>i just click on your gallery and noticed the link to "Atami" so i clicked it. i stayed at the same hotel on a family trip 3 years ago! we have the same pics of us wearing the hotel kimonos also. you left out the pics of the public bath though! i wonder if we went on the same tour. haha.

>On 2005-05-23,00:39:00 Blaise wrote:

>>I just got it recently, its a digital rebel XT. The burst mode worked really well for these action shots. Haha that hotel was pretty freaky, it had the feel of the hotel in the Shinning. Especially with the old photos from the 50s hanging on the walls. That was probably one of the most surreal nights I spent anywhere. I think my parents booked that trip through a travel agent in Arcadia, so thats probably why we ended up in the same place. Haha, well if I had this camera then I'd probably have some pics of the public baths, my room just happened to be right across from it. When I got in the room I looked out the window to check the view, which was a naked asian man jumping out of the bath.

>On 2005-05-23,00:46:14 Blaise wrote:

>>Here's that hotel, man that place was weird. New Akao

Sunday, May 1, 2005

Nice View Up Here

May Snowboarding

This is how much snow there was at the top yesterday. To see how much snow there was in November, click here:

November Snow

For the rest of this weekend's pictures click here:

Weekend Fun

Well as the pictures show, I was at Mammoth this weekend. Sheila invited me to go with her coworkers from ASP in Irvine. We all had lots of fun, although I'm incredibly sore today. It must have been that cornice off chair 23. Thanks to Bryan for the use of his condo.