Friday, July 20, 2007

Cruel? Definately Unusual

My sister sent this to me. Its inmates at Cebu City Jail in the Philippines doing "Thriller". Damn what won't they use prison labor for?
Thriller - Incarcerated Pinoy Style
Who needs prison riots when you can DANCE! Watch it, there is a balding inmate in high heels and drag.

>On 2007-07-21,09:16:11 Blaise wrote:

>>They also did Sister Act

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back from my Trip

I just got back from the Philippines. I'll post more about it later. One thing that you can't get here that is in abundance there is green mango shakes. Much better than a regular mango shake. Its made from green mangos, picked before they are ripe and they taste great because they're tangy. I ordered one at just about every place I ate at. Here's a collage of probably half of all the green mango shakes I drank. I tried to take a picture of each one I drank so Benedict, Sheila and Sophia can taste them virutally.