Monday, July 31, 2006

Happy Birthday

It's Benedict's birthday, and Uncle Luis', what a pair of old farts.

>On 2006-07-31,18:40:24 grandmasophia wrote:

>>old fart

Obon Festival

Scott, Bob and I went to Sawtelle for some Hurry Curry and there just happened to be an Obon Festival going on. It was pretty cool despite the fat guys line dancing in robes. I commend dancing fat man and his staredown with self-consciousness. I certainly didn't have the balls like DFM to join in on the digging dance, or the fan dance or the towel dance. Good job, man in Kimono, way to make that useless bastard flinch.

Huntington Beach Pier

A bunch of stuff was setup for some kind of surfing competition at Huntington Beach, uh except I got the pics back and I don't remember there being teeth.


Sally came along when we went up to Table Mountain to do some work. I gotta figure out how to get a job there. Clean Mountain air, 5 minute drive to the ski slopes spells dream job.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


We did see a couple in captivity.


I think I hear one! We went on a grunion hunt at Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro. We didn't see any wash up the surf though. Looks like the grunion missed their mating call. Maybe we scared them off. There were suprisingly a lot of people on the beach in the middle of the night. Its a pretty nice beach, the water is mild and you can burn a bonfire in the middle of the night.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Shooting guns

So after a morning of shooting a shotgun and a heavy caliber rifle my shoulder looks like it got mauled by a dog. A dog named Remington. Adam, Ray and Raymond brought out their arsenals and we had a little private range party with an assortment of handguns, shotguns and rifles. I mostly shot Adam's 9mm Sig Sauer, the 2 12 guage shotguns and a couple rounds from the two bolt action rifles. The 9mm handgun was pretty fun, but its really difficult to hit your target once you put some distance between you and the target. Apparently my right hand is a better shot standing still but by left is better when moving. The 12 guage was really fun to shoot too, I think because its so destructive. We shot some clay pigeons with it, I think most of this redness is from shooting the clay pigeons.

>On 2006-07-24,12:38:25 Blaise wrote:

>>Day's pics Gangstas with gats

Friday, July 21, 2006


Got new shoes to deal with my overpronating step. There's a New Balance store in Santa Monica, but I didn't want to limit myself to just one brand, and also Asics had been working okay for me so I went down the street to Top to Top. Although interestingly the Santa Monica one didn't carry any New Balance, coincidence? Anyway I ended up with these Foundation VI after trying on a couple of shoes. Since I tend to roll my ankles in, these have the grey denser foam material on the inside to correct my step. If you don't know what shoe you need then you should go to a nice running store like Top to Top to find out. If you do know, take advantage of Sports Authority's 25% off coupon or Eastbay's 30% off coupon and buy your shoes online. Haha or be smart consumer and get fitted at the store and use the coupon online. I thought the guys at the store did a good job though so I bought from them. I did take advantage of the coupon by buying another shoe that I tried out to mix it up.


Last night I had some Hawaiin BBQ, so we finished early, about 8:30 and then sadly I had to go home. It was past my bedtime. Man the sun was still up. So today I got to work, and I still felt like I was up all night. I think I caught somekind of old fogie disease.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


So David Beckham is the posterboy for metrosexuals, man who retains masculinity despite refined tastes in clothing, excessive use of designer hygiene products, etc. What is the female counterpart, here's a chat log with Scott Lee:

HSL: simple
HSL: girl in indy car ... hot
HSL: girl on motorcycle
blaisekuo: cars, dj, computer games, etc
HSL: hot
HSL: girl on a wild horse
HSL: hot
blaisekuo: haha
blaisekuo: pilot
HSL: hot
HSL: hamsuplo girls ... hot
HSL: haha

I call her a machosexual, a grown up tomboy. Girl who kicked ass in punchball and kickball grows up to learn to walk in nice shoes and put on makeup.

Anyway I don't think its doing guy stuff in particular thats appealing, its that someone is willing and able to do various things. Dynamic and broad-minded, thats the words I'm looking for.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I wonder how long this fan will last, I've pretty much kept it on for a couple of weeks now. Hopefully it doesn't short circuit and set the mountain of dirty laundry around it on fire.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Green Van

Since Sophia was in Europe I've been driving her green van around town. Well the green van that she on occasion is seen operating. No one admits to ownership of the green van. So I was driving my green van around, and really the green van get a bad rap. Its great, you can haul around a posse and it can fit like 4 or 5 surfboards. Its even got a premium stereo system made by infinity, it puts my WRX's dinky sound box to shame. For you ladies, if you're going to be cruising around Home Depot for dudes, and you happen to be into day laborers, this is the ride to have. Just ask Sophia how many cash money offers my van gets.

B: "Ey, amigo, yeah its got a clean title. I got the pink slip in a coffe can at home. I sell it to you, but you have to things for me."
DL: "What things Chino."
B: "You gotta lay some wood for me."
DL: "Wood?"
B: "Yeah, some hardwood..."
B: "At my house..."
B: "Then you gotta sand it, varnish it, polish it, oh by the way are you bonded and insured?"

Saturday, July 8, 2006

In Europe we...

posed for pictures

slept a lot

>On 2006-07-11,03:44:34 Steffie wrote:

>>You made it to Europe!!

>On 2006-07-16,20:31:52 grandmasophia wrote:

>>hahahhaha sleepyheads

begged for euros

>On 2006-07-11,01:21:29 lysette wrote:

>>haha...were you guys successful?

abducted children

>On 2006-07-11,01:20:43 lysette wrote:

>>who's this?

>On 2006-07-11,03:45:19 Steffie wrote:

>>That looks like Angelina Jolie's African daughter

>On 2006-07-11,11:02:32 Blaise wrote:

>>Haha, just a little boy that took a liking to Sophia.

performed miracles

>On 2006-07-11,03:43:54 Steffie wrote:


>On 2006-07-11,04:53:50 daniel wrote:


>On 2006-07-11,11:01:43 Blaise wrote:

>>Buns of steel baby!

toppled monuments

>On 2006-07-11,04:54:43 daniel wrote:

>>makes me think of Vegas... bad?

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Independence Day

Didn't do much. Went up Lake Ave. and up Echo Mountain Trail to see what the view of the Rose Bowl fireworks would be like. Didn't feel like humping my tripod up the trail so this was the best shot I could get.

Age 8 and up

I am degenerating. For taking a vanpool survey I got a 15 dollar target gift card. So guess what I bought? But I do admit, this sucker was a hell of a lot of fun to fly at Highland Oaks Elementary. The worst part though is the first one I bought was a damaged return so I had to go back to Target and explain to the merchandise return girl, who was sorta cute, that my toy was broken and I had to exchange it.

>On 2006-07-07,02:03:34 daniel wrote:

>>why does the wing look like its broken?

>On 2006-07-07,17:14:04 lysette wrote:

>>ah must have made some kind of first impression on her...=P

>On 2006-07-11,03:46:18 Steffie wrote:


Monday, July 3, 2006

Black's Beach

Borrowed this pic from Scott. We all went down to La Jolla on Saturday for some surfing and sushi. Me, Scott and Kirk got up early and went to San Onofre to catch some waves. Nice beach. At first we were just coming to take a look but once we saw the waves we decided to stop there. More waves than you can count out there, must have been 150 people in the line up. Me and Scott went in the north end of the beach, apparently it was the harder side, cause I almost hit an old guy after failing to turtle my board and he kindly informed me that the beginner's beach was on the left side. There were lots of people there and everyone was pretty good natured, no fighting for waves and people were happy enough to solicit tips.
After San Onofre we continued on to La Jolla to meet up with Adam, Jo, and Scott for all you can eat sushi at Tadashi's. Adam and Jo were also moving out that weekend, in fact Jo had to get all her stuff ready to transport to North Carolina. Once again I ate way too much sushi but it was awesome. Melts in your mouth.
After Sushi Adam showed us around town, we checked out the view from Mount Soledad, man it'd be awesome if you could build your mansion right on that spot where the cross stands. We also went to the cliffs above Black's Beach. The surf here looks a lot like San Onofre but San Onofre had even more waves. Haha check out my awesome house in the right hand corner.

>On 2006-07-04,13:07:00 lysette wrote:

>>haha...yes cousin, very nice house you've got there. i'll be coming over!