Monday, July 17, 2006

The Green Van

Since Sophia was in Europe I've been driving her green van around town. Well the green van that she on occasion is seen operating. No one admits to ownership of the green van. So I was driving my green van around, and really the green van get a bad rap. Its great, you can haul around a posse and it can fit like 4 or 5 surfboards. Its even got a premium stereo system made by infinity, it puts my WRX's dinky sound box to shame. For you ladies, if you're going to be cruising around Home Depot for dudes, and you happen to be into day laborers, this is the ride to have. Just ask Sophia how many cash money offers my van gets.

B: "Ey, amigo, yeah its got a clean title. I got the pink slip in a coffe can at home. I sell it to you, but you have to things for me."
DL: "What things Chino."
B: "You gotta lay some wood for me."
DL: "Wood?"
B: "Yeah, some hardwood..."
B: "At my house..."
B: "Then you gotta sand it, varnish it, polish it, oh by the way are you bonded and insured?"

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