Monday, July 3, 2006

Black's Beach

Borrowed this pic from Scott. We all went down to La Jolla on Saturday for some surfing and sushi. Me, Scott and Kirk got up early and went to San Onofre to catch some waves. Nice beach. At first we were just coming to take a look but once we saw the waves we decided to stop there. More waves than you can count out there, must have been 150 people in the line up. Me and Scott went in the north end of the beach, apparently it was the harder side, cause I almost hit an old guy after failing to turtle my board and he kindly informed me that the beginner's beach was on the left side. There were lots of people there and everyone was pretty good natured, no fighting for waves and people were happy enough to solicit tips.
After San Onofre we continued on to La Jolla to meet up with Adam, Jo, and Scott for all you can eat sushi at Tadashi's. Adam and Jo were also moving out that weekend, in fact Jo had to get all her stuff ready to transport to North Carolina. Once again I ate way too much sushi but it was awesome. Melts in your mouth.
After Sushi Adam showed us around town, we checked out the view from Mount Soledad, man it'd be awesome if you could build your mansion right on that spot where the cross stands. We also went to the cliffs above Black's Beach. The surf here looks a lot like San Onofre but San Onofre had even more waves. Haha check out my awesome house in the right hand corner.

>On 2006-07-04,13:07:00 lysette wrote:

>>haha...yes cousin, very nice house you've got there. i'll be coming over!

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