Thursday, July 6, 2006

Age 8 and up

I am degenerating. For taking a vanpool survey I got a 15 dollar target gift card. So guess what I bought? But I do admit, this sucker was a hell of a lot of fun to fly at Highland Oaks Elementary. The worst part though is the first one I bought was a damaged return so I had to go back to Target and explain to the merchandise return girl, who was sorta cute, that my toy was broken and I had to exchange it.

>On 2006-07-07,02:03:34 daniel wrote:

>>why does the wing look like its broken?

>On 2006-07-07,17:14:04 lysette wrote:

>>ah must have made some kind of first impression on her...=P

>On 2006-07-11,03:46:18 Steffie wrote:


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