Sunday, October 28, 2007

Universal Studios

This weekend I was at Universal Studios, where I haven't been to for like 15 years. We hopped on the tram tour and it took us through a couple of sets, including Val's show Desperate Housewives. Everybody on the tram got really excited when we passed Wisteria Lane. Anyway back on the upper lot, we were walking around and this convoy of ATV interrupts us. The Green Goblin, Captain America, Spiderman and Storm were in them. They reached a plaza and hopped out. Captain America, Spiderman and the Green Goblin immediate start grab-assing. The trio pretty much ignored Storm. Captain America in particular really liked touching Green Goblin. The Waterworld show was pretty good, had a lot of stunts. I got totally drenched. The Terminator 2 show was hilarious too since it was pretty dated. The guy who's suppose to be Edward Furlong playing John must have been like 45, but the woman playing John's mom was a dead ringer for Linda Hamilton.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Street Folk

Lately I've been encountering a lot of street folk. "Homeless people" just doesn't seem like the right term. We don't call pedestrians carless travellers right? Well today Little Red Riding Hood was riding the Big Blue Bus and its not even holloween yet! Unfortunately she bears little in common with this picture I found on google image search. To my suprise, Little Red Riding Hood look more like Aunt Jemmima, although she sounded like big bad wolf. Who knew big bad wolf would get so worked up over getting cheated about an all day pass. Little Red Riding Hood did have a bright red velvety hood, some suede ugg boots, and a big pair of noise cancelling headphones. Little Red Riding Hood obviously had some checks to cash. She didn't forget her big wheeled push basket either. But her basket contained no food for grandma. This was truly a tragedy because instead she had a black 5 gallon pail which LRRH opted to sit on instead of the bus benches. It was infact no ordinary 5 gallon pail, LRRH told us. "Does an ordinary 5 gallon pail have a toilet in it?" LRRH boasted to us rhetorically. Well that was about when I started praying for the bus to get to my stop as gently as possible. It was too early still to be covered in Little Red Riding Hood's shit and piss.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hannah Montana Tickets

150 Dads run in a radio station high heels 50 yard race to win Hannah Montana concert tickets for their daughters. Best part is the winner wasn't even a dad, or a cross dressing pedo. Just a ringer who ran the race for his boss's daughter. Looked like he enjoyed the competition, some of the dad's were dead serious. They were probably discussing tactics and strategy and best places to get high heels in a size 15 while warming up.

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Les Miserables

By Victor Hugo. Great story. The only weird part is that the novel is written more like a play because of the recycling of characters. I think modern novelists try to inject more believability into their novels. It seems Javert and Thenardier keep showing up in and it seems to be a huge coincidence.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


By Micheal Herr. After reading half this book, I realized I've seen half the scenes in Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket, Herr cowrote the screnplays for both. The book is based on Herr's accounts as a war correspondent in the early years of the Vietnam War. His writing style and the outrageousness of what he recounted, and it being the 60s and there being a whole lot of drugs makes his retelling almost unbelievable. But after reading it, pretty much every vietnam war movie you've ever seen from Full Metal Jacket to Platoon Leader took something from this book. It also makes sense now why the protagonist in Full Metal Jacket was a journalist.

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