Sunday, October 29, 2006

I love apples

What other fruit can sit on my desk for 3 weeks and only be slightly mushy.


Not me. This is Hsing's brotha from another mutha. Looks like there's some kind of flashbulb generated apparition in his crotch.

What's this? more meat

You would think that after having all you can eat Korean BBQ the night before, it'd be the last thing I want to see for my next meal. Well my parents had leftovers from a different Korean BBQ restaurant, so despite protests from my colon, I chowed it down anyway.

All You Can Eat Meat

Followed by all you can Nintendo DS, or in Mary's case, all you can air Nintendo DS. You can't see behind me where the little kids in my fan section were watching me play DS. I don't know if they were just that into Mario Kart, or really trouble by the sight of grown men playing their favorite video game in a restaurant. I couldn't wash the Korean BBQ smell off of me afterwards. I got home, woke up, and still smelled like BBQ beef. I went surfing, got out of the water, washed my hair, went to work, sat in front of my computer and I still smelled like seasoned beef.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Wow tapas at the med center cafeteria, something different every time over there.

>On 2006-10-27,02:30:27 lysette wrote:

>>mmm...that looks good!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hilarious Keychain

Don's keychain at work. I want to see what happens when the clock goes zeros, maybe a song will play.

>On 2006-10-26,19:30:10 Kathryn wrote:

>>I have one too!

State of the Art

Check out this Macbook I found in the basement. Touchpads are for warm bodies, trackball is where its at.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New Camera

Yay got a new camera! Now we'll see if its actually waterproof like the box says.

>On 2006-10-27,02:31:35 lysette wrote:

>>oh cool

Pigged out

I was gonna save the cake for later, but my stomach had other ideas.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

training ring

So I bought some training rings for strenghtening grip and to mix up different type of pull ups. I realized after leavivng REI, I just paid $30 bucks for rocks with strings attached to them! Well the packaging assures me that they are computer precision cut rock. How reassuring!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Been surfing again, I got on the UCLA surfers mailing list so its motivating me to go surf now. Anyway today I went to sunset, 11 am seems to be the best time go, since there's no traffic so its a straight shot on San Vicente to PCH. Takes about 20 minutes to get there. I think I'm getting this shit. I think my conditioning improved to where I can chase a lot more waves so I caught some good rides today, I'm finally not looking like a man falling out of a building, or a wave. The waves were pretty goodtoday too and even better, I was able to get infront of most of them. Did get tossed a few times. I did have to leave early to go back to work, but it was still great!

>On 2006-10-21,16:47:10 Blaise wrote:

>>Saturday Session was at Topanga. Pretty nice beach, its right next to the Chart House in malibu. The break point is a lot smaller though so it was crowded. We showed up around 6:30 and there were already a ton of people in the water, the Sun wasn't even up yet. On top of that the locals are terrirorial so make sure you don't steal anyone's wave. The waves were good though but a little fast. On my board I had a hard time paddling furiously enough to get infront of the big waves so I got dumped or fell off the top a few times. Got some good rides on the slightly smaller ones, and the ones where I paddled early to gain momentum. I think this beach is good to come to on weekdays where it should be less crowded.

>On 2006-10-25,15:58:42 Blaise wrote:

>>Topanga again on Tuesday. Its noon and its Tuesday yet the beach was crowded. We went in on the right side of the breaks this time, not too many waves on the right side compared to the left. Everybody was crowding the breaks like last time, 10 people chasing the same wave.

>On 2006-10-28,14:42:53 Blaise wrote:

>>Saturday, went to El Porto. Got lost, and there was a freeway closure, but got some directions from a gas station and drove through the airport to get to the beach. Waves were small but big enough for me.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton spoke about prop 87 last friday. I think I will vote yes, the measure wants is allocate 4 billion dollars for alternative clean fuels through a tax on oil pumped out of California. The proposition's wording probably leaves it exposed but the message is good. I don't work for the oil companies and I don't think they have a prescence in the communities I'm involved in so I'll vote yes. M9r. President was a really good speaker, people say its like he's talking to you persanally. Here's the picture Kathryn took at the sculpture garden. Man there were a ton of people there, the yes on pror 87 websites claims 5,000 people. We almost left since the line was so long.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Harvest Moon

Took a picture of the harvest moon a couple of weeks ago. It looks no different but it was suppose to have been 12% bigger, also it happened to be close to perigee, which is when its closet to earth on its orbit. So hope everyone got their mooncakes that weekend!

Some one's hat

Who left this at my place?

>On 2006-10-19,18:06:46 daniel wrote:

>>aww man.... i did

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

DRPK plans nuclear test

That can't be a good thing.

>On 2006-10-04,09:58:27 Blaise wrote:

>>Opps dysleksia kicking in, PR transposed.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Chantry Flats

Went up to Chantry Flats and took some pictures.

A Butterfly

These things were hard to catch.


No natives spotted bathing this time.

Some Birds

Fearsome Beast

Check out what I found hiking. Those are mean looking claws!

>On 2006-10-10,12:50:50 Steffie wrote:


Fishing Hole

Hey dudes, does this look familiar? I went up to Chantry Flats this Sunday and man, this was unmistakable. Its pretty close to the falls, I actually didn't see it on the way up, but on the way down, I recognized the old fishing hole immediately. I didn't take a dive in it or disect any fish like old times,.

>On 2006-10-01,21:04:50 Daniel wrote:

>>geeze.... I havent seen that place for close to 12 yrs?