Friday, March 30, 2007

My Birthday

I completely forgot it was my birthday. This is what I was up to though, SULE I. This isn't my fireteam in the picture, but this was the obstacle I got as fireteam leader. So how it went was we hiked 6 miles with out ILBE packs, which we packed with a bunch of crap, like the checkllist was a page long. At first I though it was just dead weight we were going to be carrying because we stuffed extra socks, shirts, blouses, trousers in there but I think I actually did end up using most of the stuff we packed. With our rifles, water and MRE I'd say the load was about 60 or 70 pounds. The trick was getting everything in the pack. My tentmate had pneumonia bad that week so I had to carry the whole tent, which made it an even tighter squeeze. I think I neatly packed everything in then hopped in the pack to smush everything inside. THe hike wasn't actually that bad, I think the company staff took it slow cause there was snow everywhere and the prednesone medical gave me was finally kicking in so I was feeling pretty good that week.

So we finally camped out and it was freezing cold. Thank god I bought some underarmour coldgear to keep my ass warm. I slept pretty good in the sleeping bag too, I think the best sleep I got was out in the field the whole time I was at OCS. So we woke up the next day at 0430 and it was a zoo because we were trying to put everything back in our packs. Once we got moving we moved on to the start of the course. We were to run in fireteams on a 3 or 4 mile circuit with 4 stops at SULE stations. At each station we rotate as fireteam leader and lead our team through the obstacle. Teams took off every 5 minutes so we had to wait a while before our team was launched. We sat on our stools and ate our MREs, and as I was preparing my veggie burger sandwich I realized, holy shit I just turned 27.

Lysette's Birthday

She got this pretty damn big stuffed unicorn. All thats needed now is a stuffed liger posed like its about to pounce on the unicorn.

>On 2007-04-08,03:35:17 lysette wrote:

>>haha...yup...kodak moment! lol thanks for coming out here cousin! =)

>On 2007-05-25,14:30:11 gfhgh wrote:

>>Very good site!

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>>l4wpMs Good site. Thanks!

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>>mAYTEw Very nice site!

Went snowboarding

I drove to big bear to take advantage of the snow before it all melts. GOt a few good runs in on Geronimo, I think thats what the run was called. Wasn't the best idea though, my leg was not quite 100% yet, so I took a big nap next to this tree. Later on I realized the tree was surrounded by droppings, it looked like big bear turd seasoned with berries. It might possible have been some kind of wild dog too. Anyway they sleep during the day so they probably didn't notice that some tasty blue thing was snoring next to their tree. They sure won't miss the flood of urine I unleashed on their tree though after I awoke from my nap.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ahi, Served Rare

Now thats what I call a tuna steak! Pound of tuna served rare with peppercorn and wasabi. Also from Fishbones in Orlando. Orlando had really good seafood, so fresh the shrimp and and octupus were sweet.


Had Alligator down in orlando, its pink and chewy. The plate I ordered had it breaded and deep fried like calamari. Infact it was almost like calamari but really more like fishy and chewy tonkatsu.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Space Center

Down in Orlando visiting Daniel. Checked out Cape Canavral and Kennedy Space Center. I expected to see astronauts and rockets and we did get the see the Atlantis' external fuel tank, but no space men. We did see a bunch of aligators and a bald eagle.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Back to Civillian Life

Hey everybody, Colonel Chase dropped me from OCS this Thursday. Its pretty disappointing. I caught pneumonia and didn't get better. The Navy docs diagnosed me with Asthma but they let me tough it out for a couple of weeks but I started falling behind on runs and hikes and my scores were dropping like a rock. So I had the Marines send me to New Orleans to visit Benedict. I'm getting some rest down here and posting from library here in Tulane. I'll make my way back to LA in the next week or so and catch up on what's been happening the last 2 months. Best of luck to the candidates still at OCC-194, especially to 1st Platoon. One more week of hell and its home free to Mar 30th!

>On 2007-03-20,00:26:23 Kathryn wrote:

>>What?! Does this mean you will be back to LA for good? You know, your job hasn't been filled yet. Even if your not interested, come visit!

>On 2007-03-20,22:36:18 Blaise wrote:

>>Just got back last night. Don't know if I'll be here for good, but I'm here now.