Saturday, March 26, 2005

Face Analyzer

My friends sent me a link to this site. Apparently I am a highly ambitious woman. I'm also rude and have very low gay factor. Here's what it says about old never-seen-a-bet-she-didn't-like Blaise.

Personality Profile:

You are a solitary risk taker. You often put your health and wealth on the line for financial gain. You get a thrill from taking big chances; you like to test your luck and your gut instincts. Your lifestyle demands that you have a high tolerance for stress. You also have an ambition to become very successful very quick. These two traits combined together can often lead you to get into trouble with the law.

Since you are not very social and may not have any friends that you can really trust you tend to stick to yourself. You do not care what other people think of you and your methods. You know you will become rich even if you have to do everything alone. You may be seen as an outcast, but you prefer being by your self so you are not concerned.

Your view of other types
You regard Boss types as your main competition to be on top. You think that Academic types miss out on great opportunities because they play too safe. You do not understand Blue collar and White collar types, you wonder why they settle for so little. You see Artist types as fools who have no focus on financial success. You may deal with some Charmer types if they have something useful to offer you. You see Drifter types as low and worthless.

Other types' view of you
Boss types can relate to your risk taking personality but for the most part, they do not trust you. Academic types consider you to make foolish decisions, and for the most part they do not interact with you. Artist types consider you to be underhanded loners. White collar and Blue collar types perceive you to be a loner and untrustworthy however since they may have to interact with you on a daily basis they are not hostile to you. Charmer types may enjoy your risk taking personality, but they also think that Gambler types are loners. Since you keep to yourself Drifter types do not interact with you.

Some Compatible Occupations: Day trader, Entrepreneur, computer hacker, professional poker player, labourer,

>On 2005-03-27,02:02:40 grandmasophia wrote:

>>HAHA woman!

>On 2005-03-28,19:05:22 hsuman19 wrote:

>>are you unhappy with the low gay factor?

>On 2005-03-28,20:38:21 Blaise wrote:

>>I figured, if it thought I was a woman, I'd have a high gay factor since it wouldn't be sure about gender, but apparently its pretty confident.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Spring time

Somewhere in this tree two squirrels are doing it. They are getting an early start on the season.

New Order

Free Music

How can a band go wrong with titles like "Bizzare Love Triangle"

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Apparently there is a state of Emergency in Kyrgystan. I've never heard of Kyrgystan, all I know is that the country is possibly in central Asia. According to the CIA World factbook, its a "country of incredible natural beauty and proud nomadic traditions." Population is about 5 million and the people are called Kyrgyz. The country is mostly agrarian, and the capital is Bishkek. I'm sure Kyrgyzstani find the Philippines just as novel as I find their country. Anyway most importantly, how are their women? Here's a Google image search for "Kyrgyztsan women".

I don't think I'll be visitng Kyrgyzstan anytime soon.

Monday, March 21, 2005


Good book, even today climbing Everest is still deadly.

Singha beer

Pretty good stuff. Light and tasty.


I ate at this place called Saladang in Pasadena, its on Fair Oaks. The food looked pretty good. I don't really know because all I had was a calamari apetizer and a beer. There was also a hot waitress which is never a bad thing. I'm almost positive that I was older than her but she looked much more mature. She also carded me so that doesn't help, unless she's she into younger dudes.

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Who wants to try this?

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Mammoth Trip

Mammoth was pretty fun. We went for two days at Mammoth and June Mountains, both mountains were great. We stayed at the same place we did the last time, except this time we were in the condo next door, it happened to be a lot nicer. We ate at Giovannis and I think this place called Stove Top, I forgot. Whaat I did remember was that they had a 10.99 prime rib special, which was awesome, although I should have gotten it medium rare instead of medium well. Interestingly I also met a few people I wasn't expecting to meet, which was cool.
On the first night we played uno. Uno was fun, but then it got interesting cause then we played Indian Poker for push ups with the uno cards. The rules were this: everybody draws a card and without looking at it, place it on your forehead. Everybody, about 9 of us, looks at each other's cards and bets either 0,1,2 or 3 push ups. The person with the lowest number looses and has to do the number of pushups that everyone bets. You can also fold if you believe you have the lowest card, but as a penalty you have to do 9 push ups. So in the end everybody but Christy, who had an incredible run of luck, ended up doing way too many push ups. I had to do so many I had to start doing sit ups. Haha damn that math degree sure went to waste there, although if I didn't fold a few time I think I might have had to do like 100 more.
So the next night I was pretty sore from snowboarding June, Mammoth, and doing a ton of push ups the night before so we took a case of beer from the condo, drove around and snuck into this jacuzzi next to Canyon Lodge. It was also ridiculously fun. The next time you're in a sauna you should have a snowball fight. Afterwards we went back to our condo and watched Infernal Affairs 3 and went to sleep.
The next day I went to church, and we drove back. Of course we stopped at Bishop where we got some 99 cent turkey drumsticks and a whole lot of cookies from Shat's Bakery. I didn't have any turkey though.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Monthly expenses

I was doing real great with not spending a lot of money this month until a birthday lunch and a variety of sporting goods purchases put me way over my usual allowance.


also good for sleeping

New racks

for the computers

Flat tire

about 2 weeks ago I had a flat tire. I was drving back from UCLA when I noticed that my tire was a little flat. I thought I better check it when I got back. But about 5 miles before I got home it exploded while I was driving 80 down the 210. I limped off the freeway to change the tire, only to find out that my tire iron is the wrong size. So I called AAA to help me change the tires. Thankfully I have a second set of tires sitting in the patio.