Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Info Center Aye

Q: What is a Currybear?

Vacation Pics

The city of Chicago swirling around the wing of UA 651 on the return flight. The rest of the pictures Sheila and I took are here:

Euro Pics

I'll post more about the trip later.

>On 2005-12-29,14:26:30 lysette wrote:

>>wow cool picture cousin

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Seamaster 2599.51.00

I need to get this. Wow, I think all my other watches combined costs less than the fakes of this one.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Rappus Caucasius

My camera phone is a piece of turd, the picture didn't come out, but the decal says, "" subtitle- "Rappus Caucasius". Work warning, the url has what I presume to be a specimen of Rappus Caucasius standing in a kiddie pool with snorkeling goggles on. I'm not sure who the driver of the decaled car was but I think he may have been wearing the same googles.

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Nerds wooing

Don't ususally post IM logs
S: not like T
S: at the gym
S: no interface
S: its like trying to hack a server but no ssh
B: haha
S: at least if there was ssh i can brute force

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Still Hot

Okay, obviously the pose obscures the face, but who else looks as great on an album now as she did 20 years ago? That is Madonna on the cover right? I think I just like the hair. And the shoes.

Monday, December 5, 2005

Deru kui wa utareru

My weekend kinda sucked. I had work on Saturday, I actually come to work a lot on weekends but usually its because I would like to get ahead on my work, but when I have an appointment, that makes it twice as hard to wake up early. Thats sort of telling of my character, I would say it says that I don't like being on the spot, do I wilt when the pressure is on? Well I got the job done at least. Sunday I did nothing at all except for spend some money. I got out of bed at about 1 pm, bought some stuff at CompUSA and REI and watched some TV. I think I thought even more about where I am in life, my relationships, career, health. I also watched a lot TV, I watched a show about Honda Motor Corp and its founder, Soichiro Honda.
Mr. Honda described himself, and other also described him as the nail that stuck out. I don't think I stick out. In fact I probably have lived my live in accordance with the proverb that Honda defies. Still, a nail sticks out in many ways, this is where I am. I got some hammering to do. So where am I going, well first I'm gonna clean my room, then I have some reading to do.

>On 2005-12-06,01:12:25 Hsing wrote:

>>hey blaise!! noo i ordered them off the website, i didnt get to go skidazzle.. did u go this year?

>On 2005-12-06,11:05:53 Blaise wrote:

>>Yeah, hopefully the ticket will come in handy later.

>On 2005-12-12,17:18:47 Kathryn wrote:

>>Excellent Post

>On 2005-12-12,17:20:42 Kathryn wrote:

>>(Although I think there was a typo: