Monday, December 5, 2005

Deru kui wa utareru

My weekend kinda sucked. I had work on Saturday, I actually come to work a lot on weekends but usually its because I would like to get ahead on my work, but when I have an appointment, that makes it twice as hard to wake up early. Thats sort of telling of my character, I would say it says that I don't like being on the spot, do I wilt when the pressure is on? Well I got the job done at least. Sunday I did nothing at all except for spend some money. I got out of bed at about 1 pm, bought some stuff at CompUSA and REI and watched some TV. I think I thought even more about where I am in life, my relationships, career, health. I also watched a lot TV, I watched a show about Honda Motor Corp and its founder, Soichiro Honda.
Mr. Honda described himself, and other also described him as the nail that stuck out. I don't think I stick out. In fact I probably have lived my live in accordance with the proverb that Honda defies. Still, a nail sticks out in many ways, this is where I am. I got some hammering to do. So where am I going, well first I'm gonna clean my room, then I have some reading to do.

>On 2005-12-06,01:12:25 Hsing wrote:

>>hey blaise!! noo i ordered them off the website, i didnt get to go skidazzle.. did u go this year?

>On 2005-12-06,11:05:53 Blaise wrote:

>>Yeah, hopefully the ticket will come in handy later.

>On 2005-12-12,17:18:47 Kathryn wrote:

>>Excellent Post

>On 2005-12-12,17:20:42 Kathryn wrote:

>>(Although I think there was a typo:

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