Monday, June 30, 2003

Under Construction

I've been changing some stuff on the website so bear with me when bugs pop up.

>On 2003-06-30,22:01:58 Blaise wrote:

>>Thats a nice bulldozer

>On 2003-07-02,02:08:13 Blaise wrote:

>>I bet that can move a lot of dirt.

>On 2003-07-02,02:10:12 Blaise wrote:

>>I like the color.

>On 2003-07-02,02:14:01 Blaise wrote:

>>If it wasn't yellow do you think it could move as much?

>On 2003-07-02,02:29:19 Blaise wrote:


>On 2003-07-02,02:35:20 Blaise wrote:

>>But still a lot.

>On 2003-07-02,13:49:01 Blaise wrote:

>>Its a Cat.

>On 2003-07-02,16:24:16 BoBo wrote:

>>Hey guys whats going on in here?

>On 2003-07-02,16:24:32 BoBo wrote:

>>Nothing Much

>On 2003-07-02,16:16:15 PingPong wrote:

>>I'm a Panda not a Cat.

>On 2003-07-02,16:20:31 PingPong wrote:

>>I'm not a cat I'm a Panda.

>On 2003-07-02,16:22:56 MeiMei wrote:

>>I hate Clowns.

>On 2003-07-02,19:16:53 Blaise wrote:

>>I'm a clown.

>On 2003-07-02,19:16:47 Blaise wrote:

>>I'm a clown.

>On 2003-07-02,19:19:44 MeiMei wrote:

>>I hate you.

>On 2003-07-02,19:19:50 MeiMei wrote:

>>I hate you.

>On 2003-07-02,19:23:08 BoBo wrote:

>>Where's the cat?

>On 2003-07-02,19:29:42 YoYo wrote:

>>There is not cat.

>On 2003-07-02,20:37:53 PingPong wrote:

>>Yeah only Pandas.

>On 2003-07-02,21:23:56 LingLing wrote:

>>Hey I'm a Panda too!

>On 2003-07-02,21:56:35 MeiMei wrote:

>>I hate slashes

>On 2003-07-02,21:58:31 YoYo wrote:

>>We've been talking about cats not Pandas.

>On 2003-07-02,22:05:40 Felix wrote:

>>I'm a Cat!

>On 2003-07-02,22:07:09 Spot wrote:

>>I'm a dog.

>On 2003-07-02,22:09:31 BoBo wrote:

>>Dog's can't move dirt foolish dog.

>On 2003-07-03,18:47:17 YoYo wrote:

>>Only yellow Cats.

>On 2003-07-03,19:18:11 PeiPei wrote:

>>How about Panda?

>On 2003-07-03,19:19:59 Blaise wrote:

>>No Panda's only move tourists.

>On 2003-07-04,03:27:11 PingPong wrote:

>>I would like to mate.

>On 2003-07-04,03:59:54 LanLan wrote:

>>Don't look at me.

>On 2003-07-04,04:05:47 LuLu wrote:


>On 2003-07-04,04:08:11 WingWong wrote:

>>It's mating season.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

EZ Off Bed

I overslept today. So to make sure I don't do it again, I have converted my bed to the EZ Off bed.

Its like my bed got a couple of flat tires.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

My Professor

He looks like Krusty the Clown.

Sophia's Graduation

This was from last week too. my parents a summer away from being empty nesters.

The FOB Cassanova

I came to class early to eat my banana but I soon lost my apetite after seeing this guy brush his girlfriend's hair. I guess the man has a hair fetish cause he sure wasn't brushing that hair like it was Supercuts.


Besides spinach, I've also been eating a lot of Romaine, I've got to find a place where I can find cheaper non Ready Pac, but the baby lettuce and spinach they use just seems crisper and more turgid than the mature variety.

>On 2003-07-04,03:33:38 Blaise wrote:

>>I had red wine vinegrette dressing today.


So I like having nice skin, got a problem with dat?

Moving Out

Most of my stuff is boxed up and ready to go. I will miss this place, for the last three years its been a comfortable albeit overpriced sanctuary. Oh well moving on is always good for the young, complacency is for later grayer time.

Monday, June 23, 2003

Fathers Day

My family acting goofy. This weekemd was so busy that this was the only picture I was able to take. After Sophia's graduation on friday we attended Sheila's graduation in Irvine. Afterwards I went to Ken Swift's wedding reception, I hope he and his wife Kerri like the picnic basket I got them. Then after that my parents had a dinner for the graduates and then sometime around midnight we finally got home and had this cake for fathers day. I met so many people I hadn't seen in a while, Saturday was like a mini high school reunion followed by a mini family reunion.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Tuesday, June 10, 2003


This movie has Catherine Keener in it, her face reminds me of someone. The waitress in key lime pie scene also looks like this girl from one of my lectures, except the girl in my class is shorter.


I thought I was the only one hoarding theese boxes. I'll gave to resort to stealing other peoples piles.

Monday, June 9, 2003


I went to Irvine on Sunday to read a book on the way back I saw this boat. I think hot chicks dig watercrafts. My neighbor has two Seadoos and his house is a constant parade of women.

People Stink

Learn to use deodorant. It is distracting when taking a test and the guy next to you smells like a gym towel. I would tell him he stinks but its much more fun when he doesn't know why people hate him. In other news my flatulence is more fragrant than most.

Monday, June 2, 2003


If anyone needs a subletter this summer please contact me I need a place to live. AIM is BlaiseKuo and e-mail is or call me.