Monday, June 30, 2003

Under Construction

I've been changing some stuff on the website so bear with me when bugs pop up.

>On 2003-06-30,22:01:58 Blaise wrote:

>>Thats a nice bulldozer

>On 2003-07-02,02:08:13 Blaise wrote:

>>I bet that can move a lot of dirt.

>On 2003-07-02,02:10:12 Blaise wrote:

>>I like the color.

>On 2003-07-02,02:14:01 Blaise wrote:

>>If it wasn't yellow do you think it could move as much?

>On 2003-07-02,02:29:19 Blaise wrote:


>On 2003-07-02,02:35:20 Blaise wrote:

>>But still a lot.

>On 2003-07-02,13:49:01 Blaise wrote:

>>Its a Cat.

>On 2003-07-02,16:24:16 BoBo wrote:

>>Hey guys whats going on in here?

>On 2003-07-02,16:24:32 BoBo wrote:

>>Nothing Much

>On 2003-07-02,16:16:15 PingPong wrote:

>>I'm a Panda not a Cat.

>On 2003-07-02,16:20:31 PingPong wrote:

>>I'm not a cat I'm a Panda.

>On 2003-07-02,16:22:56 MeiMei wrote:

>>I hate Clowns.

>On 2003-07-02,19:16:53 Blaise wrote:

>>I'm a clown.

>On 2003-07-02,19:16:47 Blaise wrote:

>>I'm a clown.

>On 2003-07-02,19:19:44 MeiMei wrote:

>>I hate you.

>On 2003-07-02,19:19:50 MeiMei wrote:

>>I hate you.

>On 2003-07-02,19:23:08 BoBo wrote:

>>Where's the cat?

>On 2003-07-02,19:29:42 YoYo wrote:

>>There is not cat.

>On 2003-07-02,20:37:53 PingPong wrote:

>>Yeah only Pandas.

>On 2003-07-02,21:23:56 LingLing wrote:

>>Hey I'm a Panda too!

>On 2003-07-02,21:56:35 MeiMei wrote:

>>I hate slashes

>On 2003-07-02,21:58:31 YoYo wrote:

>>We've been talking about cats not Pandas.

>On 2003-07-02,22:05:40 Felix wrote:

>>I'm a Cat!

>On 2003-07-02,22:07:09 Spot wrote:

>>I'm a dog.

>On 2003-07-02,22:09:31 BoBo wrote:

>>Dog's can't move dirt foolish dog.

>On 2003-07-03,18:47:17 YoYo wrote:

>>Only yellow Cats.

>On 2003-07-03,19:18:11 PeiPei wrote:

>>How about Panda?

>On 2003-07-03,19:19:59 Blaise wrote:

>>No Panda's only move tourists.

>On 2003-07-04,03:27:11 PingPong wrote:

>>I would like to mate.

>On 2003-07-04,03:59:54 LanLan wrote:

>>Don't look at me.

>On 2003-07-04,04:05:47 LuLu wrote:


>On 2003-07-04,04:08:11 WingWong wrote:

>>It's mating season.

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