Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Went to the beach with my cousins and friends on Sunday. Robert won this huge stuffed shark from the ladder game. Photos are in my album. It was a pretty fun day, my cousins also invited their friends along and we all worked on our tans. I'm so sore right now. Yesterday even lying down was painful, I think this is the most sore I have ever felt. I don't even think I was out there that long, seems like I faded pretty fast. The waves were big and nasty though with no face at all. Must have looked so futile with me paddling and going no where. After I crapped out I watched another guy go in, man it looked painful, I don't think he made it out of the breaks.

>On 2005-08-30,21:30:44 lysette wrote:

>>yeah that was fun. but unfortunately, my legs just don't tan! err. oh and those waves were pretty huge, but it looked cool

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Nerd Spending

I really got to cut down on the nerd spending. Of all things, I bought RAM and a wireless card today. King nerd will be chatting at high efficiency tomorrow. Since I was working out the credit card, I also remembered my bill is probably due. Actually it was due last week. Those crafty credit card companies. The send me an email reminder two weeks before my bill is actually due, so by the time I should pay it, I've already forgotten. Well from now on I gotta remember to pay my credit card bill on THE 5TH OF EVERY MONTH. Don't forget. Those late fees are nasty.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Surfed at Sunset Beach yesterday before work. Funny I tried to go on Tuesday too but I thought it was kinda small so I drove to Tower 23 in Santa Monica but no one was there so I was going to go back to Sunset but I got lost and ended up on San Vicente going NE. Ended up in Westwood and just went to work. So Wednesday I decided to go in almost no matter what. There were a few people there, it wasn't exactly low tide so everyone didn't comeout. Caught a few good rides. Some people were insanely good, pretty much rode from one end of the cove to the other. One guy caught a wave perfectly and pretty much did that. I gotta remember not to eat spongecake before going, I almost barfed it out after the first hard paddle.


Well my rotation of jeans has completely disintegrated. One pair has lost both back pockets and the knees have worn holes. Another pair has a hole in its back pocket as well. Its time to shop for new jeans. I always buy clothes online because stores always run out of my size. Also I suck at shopping, rummaging through clothing racks and digging for the one pair that will fit is hard. My huge fear is that I'll have found what I was looking for, and at the exact moment my evil twin with hair combed up emerged from the fitting room wearing what I have in hand. None of that for me. I think people have caught on though, if I don't buy stuff right when the sale starts they'll run out of my sizes even online. I wish I had one of those assistants who's job is to pick out all my clothes for me and buy up the store's entire stock of them for the surrounding five states so that I'd be the only one with that pair of jeans. I think I'll also be doing some traveling for work, so I'm going to have to get some airport clothes and stuff that will give people the right impression, and I don't think its that I donated blood in the campus 2000 blood drive.

>On 2005-08-19,16:27:30 lysette wrote:

>>cousin...remember vintage jeans are in! LOL

>On 2005-08-20,01:17:43 Blaise wrote:

>>They've gone past vintage wash and into salvation army wash.

Monday, August 15, 2005


I was hungry and I ate some crackers, halfway though the bag I realize, these are shaped like animal! Wasn't a good, I was out of it.

12 hour day

Damn could have easily been a 15 hour day if I was foolish enough to wake up on time.


Treasure Island (TI they call it now) has some pretty good bartenders. The asian guy was funny. Its too bad I had to drive home Saturday, I could have used another day for relaxing.

Rest of Pics

Found a chart for Jeff

States - Age of Consent

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Mojave Landing

Anybody hear the sonic boom? Man it must have gone right over my house but I slept right through it.


The swells have not been big recently. Its also gotten pretty hot, I've started using my short suit again. This Saturday my cousins and Sheila and Sean came out with me to Santa Monica. I think I had my best ride ever, so far. Took a heck of a long time to catch it though with the waves being small.

Impulse Buy

I bought the "world's smallest mp3 player" from walmart.com. Its plays the radio, and has a mic for voice recording, pretty amazing considering the LCD face is about as big as a tumbnail. I want to wrap it in foil and pretend it a beef bullion cube. I think the only flaw in it is the accesories, the earbud's cord is too short and the recharging cable must be the "world's most half-assed USB cable". They should have made a much more practical recharging USB sled for it.
Lately I've been buying too many impulse buys. If it uses batteries and you can order it online, I will probably buy it. If I was a girl I think I'd have a pretty huge collection of purses and shoes now. The worst parts about electronics and gadgets though is they break or just become obsolete. At least a good bag and shoes you can keep forever and take out once in a while.


Got this cool sleeve for my iBook. Its like something a spaceman would use.

>On 2005-08-09,22:08:58 sheila wrote:

>>that is kinda ugly man.

>On 2005-08-10,00:55:31 Blaise wrote:

>>Hey! But its got a window.

Monday, August 8, 2005

Attack Dog

These spaniels just don't look like they'd break all your shit like a German Shepard would in a dog search. "Oh god, not the bobble head collection, there's no weed there!!"