Thursday, August 26, 2004

Dropped a buck

Ray found this from yahoo

Korean-American comedian Margaret Cho, seen in this undated photo, is kicking off her 'State of Emergency World Tour' at Harlem's Apollo Theater in New York on Saturday night, Aug. 28, 2004. Cho's performance will be one of many exhibitions and performances held during the Republican National Convention as part of the Imagine Festival of Arts, Issues and Ideas. (AP Photo/IMAGINE Arts Festival)

Holy Korean Cow.

>On 2004-08-30,03:33:48 geezer wrote:

>>wow, this is cool. what happened to the Korean Cow?

>On 2004-09-02,23:54:24 Blaise wrote:

>>Hey Sean. It lost a whole other cow.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


"Don't stick anything but your elbow in your ear." God I should have listened to that, I stuck this in my ear, wasn't paying attention and accidentally stabbed something. Bleeding ensues, and I don't mean a drip or a drop. Blood was running down my ear and getting all over the place.


Shockingly I failed my driver evaluation test. I didn't think you could fail for something you volunteer for, but it looks like UCLA Parking and Commuter Services has proven me wrong in that assumption. The "Driver Evaluation Consultant" scored me a 77, you need 80 for a passing score. Anyway he faulted me for not looking both ways, (lie, I ride my bike everyday, my life depends on looking both ways) and he complained about how much or how little I accelerated. Well I did have trouble backing the van into a parking spot, but it only took a few tries to get right. Well I thought I did okay for never having driven soemthing that big before but I guess the evaluator thought otherwise. Bottom line, he didn't feel at ease with me driving. I think he thought I was too young and too white collar.
But the most shocking part is I'm not allowed to retake the test for six month! I think what happened was someone who was less expensive to insure volunteered, so they're going to expedite his process. Incidently in 6 months I will be cheaper to insure. Man no wonder the other riders were so reluctant to volunteer for this jerk around.

Old People Screwing

You can blame this little pill


So I've been working on this new computer, its pretty cool, and comes with a nice LCD, the ammount of purple on these Suns seems to increase with each generation.

Beach Day

This weekend I was at Huntington Beach, here's a picture of a kite and some dude with a boogie board.


So while on vacation I ran into a lot of relatives and they all had the same two question for me. 1. What do you like to do? 2. Do you have a girlfriend?
So faced with the first question I usually drew a blank. I tried to think of something to say, but couldn't think of anything, or anything inparticular that they wanted to hear. I though hmm maybe reading, or playing with my computer, but probably I would get a nod and a quick change of subject. Really though, I don't think I do anything at all. Well problem 1. might be related to problem 2.

Friday, August 6, 2004


So after I got back from my vacation I got a big suprise. I cam in on Monday checked my e-mail to see what I missed the last three weeks when Sophie, our system administrator tells me that Dr. Russell wants to see me. So I go up and it turns out Sophie just quit. She found a better job at JPL and is moving on in two weeks. This was after working at our department for 11 years. Big shock, especially for Dr. Russell since he had idea she was even looking. So this sudden turn of events happens to impact me directly since he offers me her job. There were plans to have me start programming, probably for one of the older missions, but now it looks like I will be the new system admin for the Russell group. I've got so much to learn since and a lot of responsibilites to inherit. Worse I only had about two weeks to pick Sophie's brain. Well thankfully she gave me her number so I can contract her if the shit really hits the fan. The job is kind of odd, I've worked with computers for a long time so I'm familiar with many things, but this is the first time where I have to keep things running, I can't just screw things up, give up and wait till morning to try again.

Its been about two weeks now on the job and there's been a few things I've had to fix, but it'll still be a while before I can be confident in my system and relax. Well at least I'm hoping that day will come.

Besides getting a job offer I also volunteered to drive the Arcadia vanpool #2. The last few months we lost two drivers so I volunteered since there's only one driver left. Funny thing is the vanpool office don't beleive I'm old enough to drive. Everytime I go they think I'm pulliong their leg when I declare I've arrived to pick up the necessary forms, one fo which is a medical form. For some reason the DMV medical requires you to have a hernia test so I had to have my junk fondled by a nurse. I also found out I have 20/70 vision uncorrected, thats kinda bad, maybe I can practice squinting, you have to have like around 20/40 to be a pilot. Well on the good side with contacts I have 20/15 and 20/20 vision.

>On 2004-08-09,21:38:52 daniel wrote:

>>damn blaise... congrats on the job. looks like your gonna be really busy now. Work and the van pool.

Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Benedict's Birthday

What a cool cake, courtesy of Benedict's friends. I'll have to post my collection of random people decked out in Burberry.