Friday, August 6, 2004


So after I got back from my vacation I got a big suprise. I cam in on Monday checked my e-mail to see what I missed the last three weeks when Sophie, our system administrator tells me that Dr. Russell wants to see me. So I go up and it turns out Sophie just quit. She found a better job at JPL and is moving on in two weeks. This was after working at our department for 11 years. Big shock, especially for Dr. Russell since he had idea she was even looking. So this sudden turn of events happens to impact me directly since he offers me her job. There were plans to have me start programming, probably for one of the older missions, but now it looks like I will be the new system admin for the Russell group. I've got so much to learn since and a lot of responsibilites to inherit. Worse I only had about two weeks to pick Sophie's brain. Well thankfully she gave me her number so I can contract her if the shit really hits the fan. The job is kind of odd, I've worked with computers for a long time so I'm familiar with many things, but this is the first time where I have to keep things running, I can't just screw things up, give up and wait till morning to try again.

Its been about two weeks now on the job and there's been a few things I've had to fix, but it'll still be a while before I can be confident in my system and relax. Well at least I'm hoping that day will come.

Besides getting a job offer I also volunteered to drive the Arcadia vanpool #2. The last few months we lost two drivers so I volunteered since there's only one driver left. Funny thing is the vanpool office don't beleive I'm old enough to drive. Everytime I go they think I'm pulliong their leg when I declare I've arrived to pick up the necessary forms, one fo which is a medical form. For some reason the DMV medical requires you to have a hernia test so I had to have my junk fondled by a nurse. I also found out I have 20/70 vision uncorrected, thats kinda bad, maybe I can practice squinting, you have to have like around 20/40 to be a pilot. Well on the good side with contacts I have 20/15 and 20/20 vision.

>On 2004-08-09,21:38:52 daniel wrote:

>>damn blaise... congrats on the job. looks like your gonna be really busy now. Work and the van pool.

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