Friday, May 21, 2004

Hey didn't I come up with this idea 2 years ago? Oh well reward is for those who can capitalize on ideas. I still love you Mei mei!

Monday, May 17, 2004


Saw Troy last Friday at the Fox in Westwood. Lots of butts. It was pretty good. My prediction is Eric Bana will win best supporting actor and Brad Pitt will get nominated for best actor but not win. Did I mention there were shapely butts?

Pupil Dilation

I got my eyes checked and the optometrist dialated my pupils. I didn't bring my sunglasses so she gave me these plastic things which was nice of them since I couldn't see anything out there. Well here's my impression of Ray Charles and the Unabomber. I also got a contact lens evaluation although I wasn't planning on it. I did get to try on a few different pairs of contacts. I got Acuvue Advance, and Ciba Day/Night, both are pretty nice. The Ciba Vision lenses are designed to be worn for a month.




Seems shaving products are really popular at my mom's supermarket. First there was this lotion that claims to reduce hair growth. Then I took a look at the razors and nearly every single one was sold out.





Sunday, May 9, 2004




Some dudes at the beach. Scott isn't really looking at the camera, I think he's looking at the girls behind the cameraman. Actually the cameraman isn't looking at the dudes either, I think he's looking at the chicks behind the dudes.



Manhattan Beach

More pictures from the beach. This was during the weekend and there were many more girls. We need one of those chick catching dogs like that guy had in the beer commercial, the one where the guy sings, "If your four legged friend had thumbs, why? You'd give him a beeeer!"

Mulholland Dr

Partially obstructed view from Mulholland Drive.

Thursday, May 6, 2004


For some reason my hair always grows to a little point. Its like an indicator strip. When the point appears its time to go get a hair cut. So today, I got one. When I went, there were two stylist an old Asian woman and a young blonde girl, who was attractive because she looks to be under 20. The Asian woman has cut my hair before, she does a good job. The other girl is obviously new, she cuts my hair and it comes out okay although she takes about twice as long as the other woman. Just when I was about to leave this middle-aged guy shows up and the Asian woman is ready to cut her hair. He says, "I'll wait for her," pointing at the girl cutting my hair. I was thinking to myself "Whoa, this is a Supercuts buddy, not a brothel and she's a stylist, not a prostitute." At least he was direct, but about as smooth as sand paper.

Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Gap Lite

I did some shopping online at Old Navy, its getting hot and I need shorts. I also bought a bunch of blue shirts and white shirts. I hope I don't end up like that guy in our hall who only wears faded black shirts.

Glasses. I think I lost my glasses yesterday when I was riding home. It must have slipped out of my pocket. Today, on my way home, I scanned the road hoping to find it's smashed remains for closure, but I didn't see it. Now I'm going to be looking for them all week at work, at home, on the road, even though they probably did fall out and got picked up by a jogger or a kid.

Word of the day: Fugazy.