Thursday, May 6, 2004


For some reason my hair always grows to a little point. Its like an indicator strip. When the point appears its time to go get a hair cut. So today, I got one. When I went, there were two stylist an old Asian woman and a young blonde girl, who was attractive because she looks to be under 20. The Asian woman has cut my hair before, she does a good job. The other girl is obviously new, she cuts my hair and it comes out okay although she takes about twice as long as the other woman. Just when I was about to leave this middle-aged guy shows up and the Asian woman is ready to cut her hair. He says, "I'll wait for her," pointing at the girl cutting my hair. I was thinking to myself "Whoa, this is a Supercuts buddy, not a brothel and she's a stylist, not a prostitute." At least he was direct, but about as smooth as sand paper.

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