Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Shockingly I failed my driver evaluation test. I didn't think you could fail for something you volunteer for, but it looks like UCLA Parking and Commuter Services has proven me wrong in that assumption. The "Driver Evaluation Consultant" scored me a 77, you need 80 for a passing score. Anyway he faulted me for not looking both ways, (lie, I ride my bike everyday, my life depends on looking both ways) and he complained about how much or how little I accelerated. Well I did have trouble backing the van into a parking spot, but it only took a few tries to get right. Well I thought I did okay for never having driven soemthing that big before but I guess the evaluator thought otherwise. Bottom line, he didn't feel at ease with me driving. I think he thought I was too young and too white collar.
But the most shocking part is I'm not allowed to retake the test for six month! I think what happened was someone who was less expensive to insure volunteered, so they're going to expedite his process. Incidently in 6 months I will be cheaper to insure. Man no wonder the other riders were so reluctant to volunteer for this jerk around.

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