Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Went to the beach with my cousins and friends on Sunday. Robert won this huge stuffed shark from the ladder game. Photos are in my album. It was a pretty fun day, my cousins also invited their friends along and we all worked on our tans. I'm so sore right now. Yesterday even lying down was painful, I think this is the most sore I have ever felt. I don't even think I was out there that long, seems like I faded pretty fast. The waves were big and nasty though with no face at all. Must have looked so futile with me paddling and going no where. After I crapped out I watched another guy go in, man it looked painful, I don't think he made it out of the breaks.

>On 2005-08-30,21:30:44 lysette wrote:

>>yeah that was fun. but unfortunately, my legs just don't tan! err. oh and those waves were pretty huge, but it looked cool

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