Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Impulse Buy

I bought the "world's smallest mp3 player" from walmart.com. Its plays the radio, and has a mic for voice recording, pretty amazing considering the LCD face is about as big as a tumbnail. I want to wrap it in foil and pretend it a beef bullion cube. I think the only flaw in it is the accesories, the earbud's cord is too short and the recharging cable must be the "world's most half-assed USB cable". They should have made a much more practical recharging USB sled for it.
Lately I've been buying too many impulse buys. If it uses batteries and you can order it online, I will probably buy it. If I was a girl I think I'd have a pretty huge collection of purses and shoes now. The worst parts about electronics and gadgets though is they break or just become obsolete. At least a good bag and shoes you can keep forever and take out once in a while.

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