Thursday, August 18, 2005


Well my rotation of jeans has completely disintegrated. One pair has lost both back pockets and the knees have worn holes. Another pair has a hole in its back pocket as well. Its time to shop for new jeans. I always buy clothes online because stores always run out of my size. Also I suck at shopping, rummaging through clothing racks and digging for the one pair that will fit is hard. My huge fear is that I'll have found what I was looking for, and at the exact moment my evil twin with hair combed up emerged from the fitting room wearing what I have in hand. None of that for me. I think people have caught on though, if I don't buy stuff right when the sale starts they'll run out of my sizes even online. I wish I had one of those assistants who's job is to pick out all my clothes for me and buy up the store's entire stock of them for the surrounding five states so that I'd be the only one with that pair of jeans. I think I'll also be doing some traveling for work, so I'm going to have to get some airport clothes and stuff that will give people the right impression, and I don't think its that I donated blood in the campus 2000 blood drive.

>On 2005-08-19,16:27:30 lysette wrote:

>>cousin...remember vintage jeans are in! LOL

>On 2005-08-20,01:17:43 Blaise wrote:

>>They've gone past vintage wash and into salvation army wash.

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