Saturday, March 26, 2005

Face Analyzer

My friends sent me a link to this site. Apparently I am a highly ambitious woman. I'm also rude and have very low gay factor. Here's what it says about old never-seen-a-bet-she-didn't-like Blaise.

Personality Profile:

You are a solitary risk taker. You often put your health and wealth on the line for financial gain. You get a thrill from taking big chances; you like to test your luck and your gut instincts. Your lifestyle demands that you have a high tolerance for stress. You also have an ambition to become very successful very quick. These two traits combined together can often lead you to get into trouble with the law.

Since you are not very social and may not have any friends that you can really trust you tend to stick to yourself. You do not care what other people think of you and your methods. You know you will become rich even if you have to do everything alone. You may be seen as an outcast, but you prefer being by your self so you are not concerned.

Your view of other types
You regard Boss types as your main competition to be on top. You think that Academic types miss out on great opportunities because they play too safe. You do not understand Blue collar and White collar types, you wonder why they settle for so little. You see Artist types as fools who have no focus on financial success. You may deal with some Charmer types if they have something useful to offer you. You see Drifter types as low and worthless.

Other types' view of you
Boss types can relate to your risk taking personality but for the most part, they do not trust you. Academic types consider you to make foolish decisions, and for the most part they do not interact with you. Artist types consider you to be underhanded loners. White collar and Blue collar types perceive you to be a loner and untrustworthy however since they may have to interact with you on a daily basis they are not hostile to you. Charmer types may enjoy your risk taking personality, but they also think that Gambler types are loners. Since you keep to yourself Drifter types do not interact with you.

Some Compatible Occupations: Day trader, Entrepreneur, computer hacker, professional poker player, labourer,

>On 2005-03-27,02:02:40 grandmasophia wrote:

>>HAHA woman!

>On 2005-03-28,19:05:22 hsuman19 wrote:

>>are you unhappy with the low gay factor?

>On 2005-03-28,20:38:21 Blaise wrote:

>>I figured, if it thought I was a woman, I'd have a high gay factor since it wouldn't be sure about gender, but apparently its pretty confident.

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