Monday, October 22, 2007

Street Folk

Lately I've been encountering a lot of street folk. "Homeless people" just doesn't seem like the right term. We don't call pedestrians carless travellers right? Well today Little Red Riding Hood was riding the Big Blue Bus and its not even holloween yet! Unfortunately she bears little in common with this picture I found on google image search. To my suprise, Little Red Riding Hood look more like Aunt Jemmima, although she sounded like big bad wolf. Who knew big bad wolf would get so worked up over getting cheated about an all day pass. Little Red Riding Hood did have a bright red velvety hood, some suede ugg boots, and a big pair of noise cancelling headphones. Little Red Riding Hood obviously had some checks to cash. She didn't forget her big wheeled push basket either. But her basket contained no food for grandma. This was truly a tragedy because instead she had a black 5 gallon pail which LRRH opted to sit on instead of the bus benches. It was infact no ordinary 5 gallon pail, LRRH told us. "Does an ordinary 5 gallon pail have a toilet in it?" LRRH boasted to us rhetorically. Well that was about when I started praying for the bus to get to my stop as gently as possible. It was too early still to be covered in Little Red Riding Hood's shit and piss.

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