Friday, July 21, 2006


Got new shoes to deal with my overpronating step. There's a New Balance store in Santa Monica, but I didn't want to limit myself to just one brand, and also Asics had been working okay for me so I went down the street to Top to Top. Although interestingly the Santa Monica one didn't carry any New Balance, coincidence? Anyway I ended up with these Foundation VI after trying on a couple of shoes. Since I tend to roll my ankles in, these have the grey denser foam material on the inside to correct my step. If you don't know what shoe you need then you should go to a nice running store like Top to Top to find out. If you do know, take advantage of Sports Authority's 25% off coupon or Eastbay's 30% off coupon and buy your shoes online. Haha or be smart consumer and get fitted at the store and use the coupon online. I thought the guys at the store did a good job though so I bought from them. I did take advantage of the coupon by buying another shoe that I tried out to mix it up.

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