Thursday, November 10, 2005


I love this car, just enough room for my telescope and surfboard.

>On 2005-11-12,00:59:27 lysette wrote:

>>haha that's cool. but you need to take out your surfboard and put in your snowboard soon

>On 2005-11-13,20:22:19 Blaise wrote:

>>I think that might fit too.

>On 2005-11-14,11:41:21 Kathryn wrote:

>>I'm baaaack! When you aren't snowboarding or surfing, you should put curtains on the windows and make it a shack-mobile.

>On 2005-11-15,13:27:34 Blaise wrote:

>>Curtains would have come in handy for that one trip to the dam. I think supermarket shoppers were staring at me.

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