Thursday, November 10, 2005


I bought this sock to keep my ipod in. Its great, it even works as a stand and holds all the accesories. The sock came in a three pack though, so I wore the other two pairs. Wow they are so comfortable, what was I doing wearing white cotton socks when I could have been wearing wool and microfibers. Its like I stopped living down here __ and started living up here ^^. Gees, next time I'll find out my Hanes tightie whities are not at the apex of underwear technology.

>On 2005-11-12,01:00:57 lysette wrote:

>>wait, why'd you use this to put your ipod in?

>On 2005-11-13,20:19:26 Blaise wrote:

>>Cause I spent all the mony on the ipod anh only had 1.50 left for a case. Also found out cutting it in half works even better.

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