Sunday, November 13, 2005

More of the Moon

This time shot through the telescope.

>On 2005-11-14,11:01:47 Blaise wrote:

>>Some more shots.
La Luna

>On 2005-11-14,11:42:26 Kathryn wrote:

>>very beautiful

>On 2005-11-15,15:28:22 Kathryn wrote:

>>Stop shooting the moon and come back to work!

>On 2005-11-16,11:28:01 Stinkydurian wrote:

>>soooo beautiful!!! i've always wanted a telescope... so tell me about your...

>On 2005-11-16,17:11:54 Blaise wrote:

>>You can come over and take a look at it, but as far as things in the sky I've only used it on the moon.

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