Sunday, April 8, 2007


Attended Easter Mass, the church was very crowded and then we ate Thai food afterwards. We figured Thai was a good bet because they were likely to be Muslim, but then the menu had a lot of pork in it, so maybe I was wrong about that. It wasn't very crowded though so we had the right strategy going with avoiding the easter crowds.

Lent and Easter seemed to pass by almost without notice for me. When I was in Orlando I did go to a mass that was in Latin. The church conducted it the was that mass was done in our parents generation. I guess you could say the church went retro like a lot of things these days and brought it back. It was different, first I didn't understand a word of the mass, I had my nose in a booklet the whole time for the translation. It was mass though, so you pretty much knew what was going on anyway. The priest has his back to the worships most of the time and when you went up for communion you had to kneel down.

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