Monday, April 9, 2007


18 years ago today I first set foot on American soil. It blows my mind that its been 18 years especially because its one of those days thats etched in my memory. I still remember the time on the digital clock, the car I rode in on the way from the airport. My cousin Warren speaking in English, the people on the streets. The hot weather, the stopover in Seoul, getting to the airport late, the ride to the airport, getting woken up and noting the house was strangely empty. My mind was probably busy absorbing everything but did I think 18 years later I'd be where I am now? My 9 year old self probably would have said I'd be a Voltron pilot and be married to smurfette and live in a dome. Makes me wonder where I'm gonna be at 3, 9, 27 years from now. It'd probably blow my mind if I found out. I'll be sure to blog about my incredulity when the time comes.

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