Thursday, April 12, 2007

Women's Sports

So all week I've been hearing all about this Don Imus guy. Who the hell is Don Imus? Well I finally looked it up and listened to offendng comments on YouTube. Well the Scarlet Knights are way rougher looking than the Lady Vols. Here's the team pages:
Lady Vols
Scarlet Knights

It did sound like he threw in the bit about the Lady Vol's being cute because he realized how terrible and charged his comment came out and the point he was trying to make was that women's b-ball is a butch ass sport. Now its kind of funny seeing Mr. Wife Cheater the Rev Jesse Jackson jump in on the side of decency and advocacy of women in sports. Where are the feminists? Maybe they like their women's basketball the way it is.

Besides the issue of labelling certain sports, obejectifying female athleltes kind of goes both ways too. It goes both ways, how to explain Anna Kornikova or volleyball, men's and women's.

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