Thursday, September 20, 2007

Book Reviews

Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and The Godfather by Mario Puzo. Both are really good books. Into the Wild is about a 20 something guy named Chris McCandless who right after graduated from college sells and gives away all his belonging, leaves all family and friends behind and started wandering around the US. Eventually he walks into the Alaskan bush an ends up starving to death. Really interesting book, sums up a lot of things about certain young men. Maybe don't read it if you've got the wandering bug. Either way its a good book, read it and reflect about your sense of purpose.

Mario Puzo's Godfather I read after being recommended to me. Its also a good read, even after you've watched the Godfather 100 times like I have. The differences are interesting. The characters in the book completely contradicts the whole premise of Godfather III the movie. The book also goes a lot into what is going on inside the character's heads, which isn't as obvious when you watch the movie. Tom Hagen's part, or at least his point of view is also more front and center in the book. There's also a lot more sex in the book. Finally, the characters were played very well by Al Pacino, Robert Duvall and James Caan. If I read the book first and then watched the movie, I would have thought that they got the characters down exactly, except for John Cazale's portrayal of Fredo. They made him wa more wimpy than he was in the book.

>On 2007-09-21,17:15:39 Kathryn wrote:

>>So weird! I just read about Sean Penn making a film about this:

>On 2007-09-21,19:50:51 Blaise wrote:

>>Hmm that'll be interesting, it'd be hard to do without completely romantizing some characters even more so than the book already did. I think oddest of all would be the homeless people he met along the way who suddenly find out someone like Susan Sarandon is going to be be playing them on big screen.

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