Sunday, August 26, 2007

Camping this weekend

Ray, Josh and I went camping at Silverwood Lake. Silverwood Lake is a man made lake to the west of Lake Arrowhead. You get to Silverwood from LA by driving east on the 210, then take the 15 North and then the 138 to Silverwood. It was not bad, the weather was great and the sky was clear. We got to the lake in the dark on Thursday night and quickly set up our tent, built a fire and cooked our steaks. We basically just threw them in a bag with Lawry's steak seasoning and some seasoning salt and they came out great. I think we had about a pound of thick juicy ribeye each and mine came out a good medium. Easily the best steak I had all year. Something about cooking over an open flame makes food taste so good. We brought these cheesy plastic utensils but they were pretty useless so we just ate the damn things with our hands and teeth. Like animals! Good thing no park rangers came to check on us. They'd either get scared off by our primal grunting and steak juice covered faces or end up discarding their shoes and join us to dance around the fire. Anyway for civility we ate our steaks with beer and rice cooked over the campfire. Amazingly the rice came out better than any 100 dollar rice cooker could make it. Afterwards we smoked some cigars to celebrate our victory over beef. I had a Romeo y Julieta No. 5 which had a great aroma but was a lot stronger than the Flor de Filipinas that I smoked a couple of weeks ago. I got lightheaded and almost puked for a second, but it was pretty relaxing. Haha the RyJs are suppose to be mild as far as cubans go, so I guess something full bodied would pretty much send me to the moon. After cleaning up we went to sleep and got up the next day to go fishing on the lake.

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