Sunday, August 26, 2007


Ray wouldn't take his shirt off and do his best Vladimir Putin impression. In Mother Russia, fish catch you!

Anyway we didn't catch any fish, which was good because we forgot to buy fishing licenses. The guy who rented us the boat actually asked us if we wanted to buy bait but didn't ask us if we needed license. He must have figured we weren't gonna catch anything but figured he could get a few bucks from us for bait. We puttered around the lake, which wasn't really that big, but it didn't stop people from bringing huge floating nautical monstrosities. Do you really need a high speed hull and a huge 8 cylinder diesel to ply a lake where you could see the opposite shore? Its like using a Boeing 747 to buy diapers from the supermarket down the street. It was pretty nice to just take the boat out in the middle of the lake and lay under the sun. When we got bored of fishing we beached our boat on the sand and swam around.
We came back to LA and later that night Val came out and we got some sushi at Octopus in Glendale.

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