Saturday, August 18, 2007

More Car Stuff

One of my neighbors has a cream colored classic Mustang like the one in this picture I found. Its not a convertible, or a fastback, or a special edition, just a nice classic Mustang. Yesterday he was getting groceries out of the car and this blonde calls out from a window upstairs, "Hey, nice car..." Haha, score. She even told him where she lives. I think its a daddy thing. People say some guys want to marry girls like their moms and girls are attrracted to guys like their dads. So it must help if you drive what daddy use to drive. Guys with classic Beetles get the same attention. I guess a lot of our dads had Mustangs or Beetles for their first cars. Look in those old photo albums. My dad drove an old green Toyota Corolla. I think it was also brown and red at some point in its lifetime. It did have nice curves though, must have been like a late 70s model. Hey, Sheila, Sophia. Better watch out for a loverboy in a Corolla. Its gonna be trouble. So if I end up having a houseful of daughters I'll have my shotgun racked and ready for the punk in the black Subaru.

On another note, I actually waxed my car today, Scott Lee-style. It all showroom shinny now and actually looks like I don't neglect her. I rode my Suzuki DRZ to work this week so the Subaru was collecting dust all week and really needed a bath. Hey if I keep up this waxing, it'll be around to race those daughter-dating-punks up to the dam.

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