Wednesday, April 5, 2006


So the insurance company has deemed my car a total loss. I saw it Monday when I took off the crossbars, spare tire and rear view mirror. The front left corner of the frame is completely manged and caved in. So now they will be scouring local ads to determine the value of the payoff.

>On 2006-04-06,04:21:50 Daniel wrote:

>>Fight it!!! It says you 100% at fault cuz you made contact with a stationary object. Maybe it ran into YOU. hehehe Sucks though, I like how they leave out the fact that you hydroplaned and lost control of the car. They make it sound like you were wreckless and just ran into a wall.

>On 2006-04-07,15:27:51 Blaise wrote:

>>That damn wall had a few beers, I just know it.

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