Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Ride

Went to Sunset Beach, got in the water for the first time since October, lost a lot of conditioning. Good thing the waves were small today, but soon my arms got so heavy it felt like they were tied down. Couple of dolphins got real effing close, but I ran out of batteries, didn't get a shot of them. All the good stuff in life, you get one good ride and you're hooked for life. Junkie. Must reach higher heights, see the next turn, no such thing as limits. There's only the ride on the rising crest.

>On 2006-04-21,12:39:37 lysette wrote:

>>that's cool. you're hitting the waves again. too bad about the dolphins though. maybe next time. darn my fear of sharks! i want to try surfing. ahh!! lol

>On 2006-04-21,12:56:38 Blaise wrote:

>>Maybe they were sharks with blowholes.

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