Friday, April 28, 2006

Round 2

Can it happen? Lakers-Clippers, Staples wins.

>On 2006-04-30,03:12:33 Blaise wrote:

"Dude, we gotta thank D'Brickashaw for doing our hairs."
"Zuh, I'll send a fruit basket."
That name fascinates me. D'Blaiseakaw Ferguetiong, hows that.

>On 2006-04-30,18:14:45 Blaise wrote:

>>Holy Shit! Game 3: Steal by #1, miracle by #8.

>On 2006-04-30,18:15:11 Blaise wrote:

>>Opps game 4.

>On 2006-04-30,18:41:31 Blaise wrote:


>On 2006-05-01,02:11:49 ir wrote:

>>ooo yeaaaa lakers pride baby!!!

>On 2006-05-02,17:45:39 Blaise wrote:

>>Clippers in.

Haha, ok now. Welcome to the Kobe Hilton, Japan's most regal accomodations.
Please don't jinks the Hallway Series anymore miss.

>On 2006-05-06,23:33:03 Blaise wrote:

>>It was her fault! Oh well go Clippers!

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