Monday, April 17, 2006

Digging through old pictures

For eight grade we had a brokeback day, complete with cross dressing indians.

>On 2006-04-18,08:59:07 Kathryn wrote:

>>Which one is you?

>On 2006-04-18,10:04:22 Blaise wrote:

>>The one in the nikes.

>On 2006-04-18,22:43:12 daniel wrote:

>>haha blaise... That my pic. I also have the one with olver running away, the one with us in the van and the one with you me kenny and scott K in class with those homemade insturments.

>On 2006-04-18,23:02:10 Blaise wrote:

>>So do I, I ripped them off your site.

>On 2006-04-29,03:33:26 susan wrote:

>>ahhh...the prepubescent days...

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