Sunday, April 9, 2006

New Car

I really liked the yellow 03 WRX but turns out I can get better financing on a brand new car so this is what I got. Its different from my 03. My 03 was rougher, you can feel the road, this one is quieter. The seats are one piece too, non removable headrests. Its got better brakes and a better engine though so thats a plus.

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>>More Car Pics

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>>So today I got my car tinted and the asian guy who was showing me the shades of tint points out two shades and says, "since you're asian these shades will work for you." I had no idea what he meant. I felt like I was trying to buy makeup at the cosmetic counter at Nordstroms. Does that mean if I was black I would have to get a lighter or darker shade? What if I get a tan? I want to see a hispanic client sales pitch, "Dude you're so gonna get profiled by the po-po if you get 6 on the front. You better go with 43 all around!" Anyway they did a pretty good job, I did go with what he recommended, hey I don't do my own major surgeries, I leave that to professionals, or at least people with parchments on the wall. He and his boss recommended Titanuim 43 on the front and Titanium 13 on the rear. So if you need a tint go to Pro-Tint in Temple City on Rosemead Blvd.Don't forget to bargain and bring cash money (they don't charge you tax if you pay with greenbacks).

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