Friday, October 15, 2010

Jose Hernandez

Jose Hernandez who flew on sts-128 came to lab to talk about his flight to the international space station. He also talked about his youth working in the fields as a migrant worker from Mexico to Stockton and as a technician at the cape prepping shuttle crews before he himself was selected for a flight.

Very cool, I want to see another launch at the cape!

There were a group of high school kids invited to Jose's talk and they all had one burning question for Jose, "do you drink your own pee?!" Jose said it taste better than tap water and at the end of his slide show, he had a picture of the crew drinking the filtered pee water out of their water pouches during their final meal in orbit. So now I understand why the astronaut corp is so selective. Sure, you must pick the best pilots, mission specialists and scientists. But when it comes to selecting the new class to join the corp, the true question is, "who's filtered pee do you want to drink?"

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