Monday, October 4, 2010

The church I go to did a pretty cool thing

They donated some supplies in containers, an all too invaluable water truck and sent some volunteers over after the earthquake in Haiti. There is a priest who works down there, Fr. Tom, who has pretty much devoted the last twenty years of his life to bringing education and medicine to impoverished communities. He was a priest on the east coast who went down there for a tour with some students and ended up going back to devout his life to it. Since his headquarters had been destroyed he has since been sleeping by the ruins in a tent. I thought he was rather honest and humble, saying that after all these years going back to Haiti still intimidates and scares the hell out of him. Since the earthquake they have been serving the community, especially serving food and supplies to thousands of elderly since many of the caregivers they relied on were killed by the quake. A lot of times my short attention span gets in the way of absorbing the goings on during the hour I go to mass, but he got my attention that weekend.

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