Monday, May 29, 2006

Pick up

Yesterday I went to go pick up a surfboard for Scott from Long Beach. Odd thing is it had a dog bite, hopefully by dog he didn't mean sea lion, cause I heard those bite too. Sim, the seller was quite a character, you meet a lot of characters from craigslist. Sim was a fat self proclaimed redneck who worked for a telecon consultant. He said his job was to drive a van full of telecomunications engineers mostly chinese and arabs to test celluar networks. He said when he found the job on craigslist he showed up at a house with rows of laptops and guys praying on their prayer rugs and he thought "oh shit what did I get myself into." Bit it turns out it was legit and they were just testing cell networks for cingular. As you can imagine a van rolling aroung with a redneck, some brown guys and a bunch of laptops and antennas attracts a lot of cops and they get pulled over a lot. I thought he was lying but he said he was moving to North Carolina for their next gig and I figured no one goes through the trouble of suspending disbelief to move to North Carolina.

>On 2006-05-30,11:18:06 Blaise wrote:

>>prayer rugs, not prayer runs. I should really code an edit function into this thing.

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