Monday, May 8, 2006

Free Razor!!

I love getting free razors in the mail. Oddly enough this came addressed to Sophia (I opened it anyway). Free Razors are great. Due to Gillete's generosity I've only had to buy refills once and I already gave half of those to Benedict. Yeah, Mr. Bigglesworth has got nothing on me when it comes to hairlessness. Shick kinda sucks though, I wish this was one of those five bladed Gillete Fusion razors with a sixth blade for trimming. I'd be done shaving in half a stroke with that. Oh well maybe I can use this to shave my leg or cats, it ain't going near my face though.

>On 2006-05-09,13:38:54 grandmasophia wrote:

>>taking my mail!

>On 2006-05-09,13:41:41 KenSwift wrote:

>>When you say you love getting free razors, it reminds me of the guy from silence of the lambs. You don't dress in the skin of women, do you Blaise?

>On 2006-05-09,15:28:31 Blaise wrote:

>>Hey Ken! Haha no, I don't own a sewing machine. Free stuff including razors are always great. I just don't know how they know its my 18th birthday and that I need a razor.

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