Saturday, May 27, 2006

Old Vegas

Not all of Vegas is 45 dollar buffets.

>On 2006-05-27,18:53:11 Blaise wrote:

>>Nothing captures the pulse of a city like craigslist.

So what did I find this weekend. Madonna is the hottest ticket today, Saturday. I can get a Glock for about 500 bucks, I don't know if bullets are included. Things are cheaper on average than LA. Lot of Golf stuff for sale. Erotic is a service category and if you want to drive, you'll makes $40-100 per call, gas is negotiable.

>On 2006-05-28,20:40:22 Blaise wrote:

>>Ate at Tao in the Venetian, its asian fusion which is evident by the three storey tall Buddha in the restaurant. Had the grilled Yellew Fin Tuna which was pretty good. Its salty though so order it with rice. Other interesting things on the menu were Kobe beef sashimi and all the desserts looked good. Mary had a layered chocolate mousse, Jerome had a hubongous fortune cookie with white and dark chocolate, Erwin has a fruit sorbet and Daniel had chocolate ice cream. Ambiance was good, all the waitresses were smoking hot, but it was dark so it was like clubbing hot. Our server was thin and gay Jeffrey though. Prices were inflated. My bowl of rice was 4 bucks, ridicurous. Damn I bet 4 bucks in rice would feed a tibetan village for a day.

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